Anyone have vpn extension

how do i create app vpn app in thunkable anyone have vpn extension?

Not sure but I don’t think this is possible with Thunkable/App Inventor since VPN is a system setting… Maybe you could use activity starter but you need a VPN service anyways… What kind of app do you want to build?

im also looking for vpn extension…how to get this feature

I buy 6 servers… , is it possible to make vpn app via thunkeble ??

There is no VPN extension. As I mentioned earlier perhaps one could use Activity Starter component but even this way I think you can only open the VPN settings and it also only works on devices with API 24+

I wanna build a app that automatically change vpn server on time period

as I told you this won’t be possible because there is no was to do that with App Inventor / Thunkable

ok tnx

This is a great idea, I like it. Each user has his own needs, so you have to try and test. But I like free options for example (there are not so many good and free ones) Cooltechzone