AnyAPI extension

Hello Thunkers, @Red_Panda here :wave:

I made an extension which hopefully will make it easier for beginners to use APIs. It is a modified version of the Web component and provides more input boxes. I noticed that many APIs follow the same format so I splitted the Url of the Web component into four text boxes. This extension may be useful or may not. Because it is not customized, gathering information and error handling is still up to you.

The final Url will be in the format serviceURL-apiVersion-apiKey-requestData-formatType (without the dashes, so don’t forget the /)

serviceURL, apiVersion, apiKey and formatType are supposed to be static. requestData is supposed to be dynamic.

v2 introduced the UriDecode function

The extension can be found in a GitHub repository


2017-11-17: Initial release
2018-01-25: v2 now supports url decoding


Gran trabajo!!!