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Would be possible to have a toogler in Thunkable?

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Yes. It would really help especially in the settings pages of apps where features can be turned on/off. I am currently forced to use a checkbox…


Apparently, a toggle button is possible with a slider component. But sadly, it doesn’t have any of the material properties.


Yeah, but you have to slide to set it to the right position. With a toogle, you can simply click it

Would be possible to achieve that with an extension?


It is possible
see here:
see here:


But that’s not what I’m looking for

I want THIS toogles (Android ones)


I think that is pretty impossible


There is a toggler in AppyBuilder, so it is possible @Abdul_Maajith


I am telling for thunkable.also its paid.


But as it exists, it must be possible with an extension or a component :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Why not make the button in PS and save to 2 png: s, one with toggle on and one with toggle off? Place toggle off on a button and then just switch images when the button is pressed.


Can’t we have a FAB extension redesigned with toggle animation when clicked… Some thing tricky. make it visible / invisible when screen is open/closed.


You could use a workaround which works quite well…

Take a look at this:
MaterialDesign.aia (5.1 KB)

I edited this .aia file from


Unfortunately, no. A normal button can be converted to a toggle button, but the button’s id is required to identify it. The id is defined in the XML files if you are using Android Studio. I don’t know how to get the id in an extension.

On the other hand, I can add a method to my Dialogs extension which can show a dialog which has some text and a toggle button.


We can use Materialize for that and WebViewer.getString


Materialize doesn’t work well. There are too many bounding boxes and the framework lags performance speed. It’s great for making generic material components, but a toggle button may not be a wise idea.


An FAB is a bad idea as well. Action buttons have considerable elevation compared to other components whilst a toggle button sits in flush with the screen. Only the toggle (the circular green thingy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) has minimal elevation. Another major headache is adding animations.


Hey, I have a great idea :joy:
Let’s ask the @admins if they are going to add a button like this


I wish. They’re not going to add anything to Android Thunkable until iOS is done. :cry:

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