Android API 28 is released at Thunkable Classic (

Big thanks to the MIT App Inventor team, especially Evan Patton and Jeff Schiller @jis. @ColinTree is working on making Thunkable classic apps to target Android SDK 28 (Pie 9.0).

We are planning to release the update around August 5, 2019 or sooner.




This solves the Android App Bundle’s problem when updating the app to Google play?


One clarification - the August 1st, 2019 deadline only applies to the new app in the Google Play Store. If you already have an app in the Google Play Store, you have until November 1, 2019 to be compliance with the Google Play Store policy.



Please help, when will Thunkable Classic will update to API Level 28, I just buy Playstore Development Account, I hope Thunkable can update this as fast as possible, btw, how can I support Thunkable? Thunkable had been give me soo muchhh opportunity on making applications, THANKS!

hi @afwanhaziq987mbuq,

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Is the present issue regarding all the event blocks having their parameter displayed as “undefined”, as opposed to the name appearing in the block header itself, a result of some attempt at upgrading it?

Current release is:

Built Date: July 30 2019
Version V1.0-1517-g8c5eb951d-dirty
Thunkable Live Version: 5.00

and is clearly bugged, to the point of making it impossible to develop and debug.



is visibly a major issue.
The code still works according to those who tried it. But having all the parameters listed as “undefined” is a major inconvenience.

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Thanks to our awesome engineers @tingc and @ColinTree. The issue is resolved and the fix is deployed on production.



Some parameters have been subtly renamed; for instance, in the “Other Screen Closed”, the “otherScreenName” has been renamed “other ScreenName” with a space.
In the “Ad Failed To Load” (for those using AdMob) “errorCode” is now named “error Code”.

In “Error Occurred”, “functionName” and “errorNumber” have also been renamed with a blank space as “function Name” and “error Number”.

There are probably a few more so affected that my app was not using.

I noticed that the apps that I did not visit while the bug was present were apparently seamlessly updated with the new parameter names, that is, the parameters listed with the block were directly changed with the new name alongside any instance of those parameters being used in the block.
However, the app that I visited while the bug was present, with the named parameters being shown as they were but any instance thereof shown as “undefined” had the “undefined” replaced with the original name, the one without the blank space, and are therefore marked with the red X of error, requiring manual intervention.

We just finished making the changes locally and we are still testing it. Please give us couple more days. I will post here when we release the change.


i can continue to make apps but just cant upload app on play store
26 to 28 will be all backend right ?

@HEHEHE, that’s correct, you can continue to work on your app as normal

The API 28 upgrade is released, big thanks to our engineers @ColinTree & @tingc



hurray, thank you again

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Thank you so much for this

Thanks a lot for continuing to support Thunkable Classic

where is api 28 for thunkable classic or we should try kodular or another platform

Read the post above… The update has already been released.


… except it is not working.

I attempted to recompile an existing and already in production app, and am getting compiler error.

The code is unchanged from last April, as can be seen with its time stamp:


Yet, compilation fails:



Since August 7th (API 28 upgrade is released), when I install a thunkable apk on my samsung A70 (android 9.0) the admob banner pops up and disappears right away. It seems that the released API 28 it´s generating the problem.

I tested it on other versions of android and it works fine.

I also get this error.