An internal error has occurred. Report a bug? Why Coming this?



An internal error has occurred. Report a bug?
Why coming this problem please help me solve this problem please please please please


Does it give this plain message

a screen shot will be helpful.



There are many possible Reasons as reason of error is not shown. One way to solve is that try to (debugging) disable all the blocks and enable it one by one so you can catch the bug. Or send relevant block screenshot.


People will help you if they like to or they have time to do so. No need to start a begging offensive. So please keep calm and search in this forum for help or informations. Many questions are already been discussed or solved. So just take a little time and get familar with this.


There can be many possible Reasons!!

Can you tell me ?? Does your app have a custom icon? What format
(.jpg, .png etc) is it? How big are your .png files?

And one important point to be noted is, Thunkable apps are limited to 8MB in size, so you only have 5 or 6MB for assets like images and sound files.
Ct tricks


import your latest backup and restart from there
see also tip 6



you cant even go in the block feature because this error will appear