Amazon Interstitial Ad Extension (Paid Extension)



Hola a todos me alegra anunciar esta extension Amazon Interstitial Ad, que sirve para mostrar anuncios de amazon.

Estos son los bloques de los que dispone la extension:

y estas las propiedades:

El precio son 20USD, mi correo de contacto es [email protected]

Recordad que también podéis tener acceso en AppyBuilder.

Implement Amazon add in thunkable app
Looking for substitude of admob can anyone suggest?
How to change ads after publishing app

Gran extensión! :clap:

Añadiendo más formas de poner anuncios que AdMob :yum:


This is a copy of the AppyBuilder Component?!!!

You know that you cant copy their code, right?


will soon also release video Rewards extension from AdMob


Temporally hidden


It is not a copy, it has the same methods since they are the ones provided by the library


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Can you show some examples how it looks or upload an apk? How do you set up which kind of ads/categories the ads show? I am only familiar with Amazon partnernet and web ads…

Do I create the ads myself / do I set up keywords / …?


Do you even want to sell your extension? Because if yes you should take some time and answer questions of potential buyers…