Alternatives to app inventor? Get started in APK's programming

Hi everyone!
Finally, I have finished my first app with Thunkable Classic. There were a lot of issues during its development, like errors of YAIL compiler, project sizes, YAIL compiler, mechanize internal processes of the app and, again, YAIL compiler errors :joy:. For helping other users to avoid this problems I will tell on another post my experiences and what I learned during the development.

The main question of this post is the following: Which would be my next step? The reason that I finished this last project is due to the fact that it exceeded the maximum size (10 MB), and I would like to continue working on this app or make other similar in a different environment that allows me to build larger APKs.

Anyone knows how to program apps (with java, python, etc) or knows something about tutorials for this purposes and where to find them?


The limiting size of a project, as far as the number of blocks and components is concerned, is what goes on a specific screen. Basically, the limit applies to each individual screen, but not readily to the overall application; hence you can offset some of the size to other screens, with a premium to pay because you have to co-ordinate the opening and closing of those other screens and manage the information being transferred between them.
However, if your application is numerically intense, then you the processing is slowed down by the inherent nature of the environment, which is more of a interpreted language than a compiled one.
On the same device, a program will run about 9 times faster if it was written in Python – leaving you with the burden of figuring how to interface your Classic component with a Python module.
With Java, it would be massively faster still, and how to interface should be covered in many tutorials since this is exactly what extensions are about.
Another option worth considering is having the number crunching code in a HTML/JavaScript file that is called by a webviewer component, with the interface information passed using the Web View String.
The JavaScript will run about 700 times faster than the Thunkable equivalent done using the block logic, almost as fast as a Java code.

Right now, the API 28 compiler is defective, unable to handle a project larger than 1/3 the size the API 26 could accept. That is a major issue since API 28 has been mandatory since August 2019; and Thunkable has been promising fixing it for months while announcing that all support for Classic will be terminated withing the next 6 months. My suggestion is that your move your business to Kodular.