Alternative to Web View


Hi all, i’m a newbie to Thunkable. Web View is sometimes slow with mobile internet connections in our country. Is there any way to increase the speed, or any other alternative for web view.
I’m hoping to embed internet tv channels and youtube streaming videos.


I think webview is not the problem but bandwidth consuming contents you want to use (internet tv and streaming video)


Thanks for the reply, is there any solution or any other alternative?


Hello @Ranga_Suriyage

There is a YouTube extension and Vimeo extension available in the community… which allows YouTube streaming. As part of webview there is no alternative except you may want to open in external browser using Activity Starter.



Thanks abdul, i’ll check on this.


Hi @Ranga_Suriyage,

As @giorgiospugnesi has pointed out already there’s no way to improve your end users’ internet speed, but if you use the YouTube API you can set the player size to be small so that the bandwidth needed is the absolute minimum.

You can read more about this here:

Here’s my article on working with APIs in case you haven’t done this before:


Hi, thanks a lot for the reply. I’ll check on it.