Aia File is not uploading

My App Aia is not Uploading on thunkable classic platform it showing erro server error each time I am uploading this app I trying from around three to four month but its not solving my issue can any help me out

[Uploading: RAL_Colour_Checker.aia…]

First, let me introduce to a few of my friends: comma, period, and semi-colon. They help a great deal making sentences that can be read comfortably, as opposed to make a complete mishmash that is hard to parse.

Now that we got this out of the way, it sometimes occurs that the server would get bogged down by requests (after all, it is serving thousands of developers simultaneously) so have you tried restarting your browser?

And why would you need to upload an AIA? Shouldn’t it already be on the server, given that this is your app and that you must have developed it there?

Sir, as some month before I am trying to copy this app but it’s not getting copy also so, I downloaded aia file and original project delete from my account. and trying to upload this project Aia. it’s not getting upploading. Now as I have to Update my app to comply it API 28 level version so I am again trying but it’s not working I also try many ways by restart browsers or restart pc and also trying from too many days can you help me to update my app with any other ways

How big is the AIA file? And how big an app was it (estimate un number of screens, number of components and number of logical blocks)?

What message do you get when attempting to upload it?