Advanced Multiple Choice App (Free AIA)

Hello Thunkers,
I share you this aia file for Multiple Choice App.


  1. More than 50 questions with two choices.
  2. It has score/high score.
  3. Random questions.
  4. Changing the color of background of the choices depending on the answers (Green for right and red for wrong)
  5. Wrong sound for wrong answer and right sound for right answer.
  6. Showing Tick for right answer and cross for wrong answer.
  7. Automatically show the next question after two seconds whether the answer right or wrong.
  8. You can set your color, questions, choices and font type as you like.

I hope that helps you Thunkers to give you more info about how multiple choice apps work.
Best regards!
Advanced_Multiple_Choice.aia (129.6 KB)


First, thank you for sharing the aia file. :slight_smile:

Second, I found some bugs while using the app

  1. When app initializes, it throws the error below

  2. Sometimes the question repeats itself back to back continuously for 2-3 times.

This :point_up: is not working.

How to do this :point_up:

  1. Whenever the app starts, the last achieved score is displayed, instead of zero. Is it normal?

(Note: I am operating from mobile, so I just simply compiled the apk and thank you once again for providing the aia file)

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You can change the questions from the blocks and changing the color as well.
You can delete the high label from the screen initialized block cos I’ve just forgot it. Next question works well.
I set the score to be displayed as from the last achieved one.
You can edit the aia as you like. I’ve made it to show Thunkers how multiple choice apps work.
You can see my professional app on Google play it has many features.

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Sorry, I thought it is possible to do this :point_up: from within the app.

Don’t know why, for me its not working.

It’s always a good idea to display the highscore seperately and start the app with score as zero.

But as you said

Other Thunkers will definitely do that :wink:

And I will definitely check out your app :slight_smile:

Thank you for your work, I think many beginners like me will find this interesting and educational.
I will take a look to .aia as soon as possible.
Thank you very much :+1::+1:

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@hayder_g_al-lami thank you. how could you add a page inbetween questions to display some text related to the question.

I am thinking. User reads a statement on the screen then clicks button to answer a question about that statement. after answering correctly move on. If incorrect, go back to statement to re-read and answer again. ,