Advance customize your ListView! - by ColinTree

Hello everyone, i m ColinTree

Are you still remember my ColinTreeListView?

these days i wanna start a new meaningful thing to do:


Want You Can Order

for the component, you can customize:

  • properties
  • component name
  • component icon (16x16 as ai/tk required)

for each list element, it can contains at most:

  • 30 components (including layouts)
  • touching events (click, longclick, touch down & touch up , ect. )
  • parameters

P.S. if it is too complex i may refuse to do it or need a additional fee~ :disappointed_relieved:
(like asking me to make a copy of facebook’s listview :joy:)


US$15 for each (+US$15 if need me to design the AIA for you)


The only copy of my work will given to you, you and me are the only one that get the extension
Please respect my work, i allow any decompile or any other is non-commercial use (posting app to app-stores allowed)


  • one of my friends sent me the AIA file, with the element structure like shown
  • i built it for him. after finished, i will send the extension to him
  • it runs successfully, like in the screenshot


This looks like a great extension ,I request you to provide a video demonstration

well, actually this is a post about that, you can ask me to make a listview you want, but not a release of a extension :joy:

Can I dynamically add Thunkable GoogleMap on the listview? The map will show location with marker of places listed in the list view. Imagine that there are 3 columns on the list, the first one is image, then description, and then map. The information will be loaded from a real-time database and the data will be changed all the time. Would that be possible with your extension?

It would be great if users have a possibility to try your extension for e.g. 3 days before purchasing it. So the users know if that extension really fulfills their needs. Alternatively, you can provide a money back guarantee if the extension doesn’t work as the users want.

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Hello, @Bruger

As it is a component here, i can add it in to the list.
it is quite hard to image the element like through your description, you can try to draw it :joy:

BTW, thank you for your advice. About withdrawing the payment, it is surely fine, but i m just afraid of being abused.

I know that it is difficult for you to imagine. That’s why having a trial period for e.g. 3 days would be great. I don’t know if it is possible, but you can possibly set the time for a trial period. If the users are satisfied with your extension then they will buy the real version afterwards.

You are afraid of being abused, but I don’t feel like paying 15 USD for something that I really don’t know if I can use it for my app, just like buying a product without knowing what it can do for you. I hope you know what I mean.


sure, so that is why i think the element should be designed in the aia first.

after designed and ensured that it works, the extension will start to build.

additional, the $15 will be asked after i finished the extension and send the sample

Colin your custom list view ColinTreeListView is not downloadable! :slight_smile:
Also, juat a suggestion. App Inv & it’s distro’s have the same rules. Methods, Event & Properties names are titlecased like CreateRule, DeleteRule. And parameters are like givenRule, modifiedRule & etc.
Also, really thanks for your extensions. They are unique & powerful. Good job & good luck in the near future.

it is not released yet… 1 or 2 more month to be wait… (because the competition in China here, i did this for my friend)

BTW, thank you for noticing! those are old screenshot and it did changed into CapitalMethodName & lowerCaseParams

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Hi @ColinTree! Can you please give an update on the release date? Thank you!


He is busy. Am sure we will here of him at the right time

Hello, This post is not a release of a specific extension~ it is for someone that need to customize their listview. :wink:

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Sorry, I was not very clear in my question. I was talking about the „ColinTreeListView“ extension for which you have a link to your website in the first post of this thread. Actually I don‘t need any special customization. The simple version which you show on your website is just perfect for me. When are you going to release that one?

the end of this month i think, coming soon


Post at least 1 instance of an app

Great! Looking forward to it!

@colintree my app size is 22 mb it contains music files how can i downolad it from thunkable

Try this: before the compilation remove all your audio file and after the compilation open your apk file and add your audio in the asset file

that is what @Bruger mean @ColinTree.

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Its great extinction for thunkable but i am in confused there about 1 thing that makes me to suggest you to make it better. Why colinTree ListView doesn’t have Horizontal Scroll arrangement Its a weak point of this ListView, I hope you will update it soon.