Ads do not appear in my app


adds are not appear in my app
i import and export the keystore
is it the reason


Please read following topic:


Have you made admob account?


i have admob account
ads was appear before but not appear now
and its appear now in apps made by another site


the ads show after publish your app on gogle play (what happened to me)


Ads started appearing in my app 2 hours after I built the app


i know all these information
i have four apps made by thunkable … the first app made since about month , the last made since 4 days
i upload them on google play
ads are not apeear in my apps
but appear in some apps made by another site
please help me


can you send me the link to the app? (google play)



i’m trying this just now


waiting you


i don’ view the ads, you have configured correctly the accounti admob?
the design properties of app are configured good?


Is the app in landscape?


no, potrait


do you mean Screen Orientation
no i choose unspecified

what must i do to fix this problem


I have an app which has tablet screen and the ads dont work when the app is in landscape


I also have same issue . When I use Live test its shows ads but on export it don’t show . It also shows when I use vpn app of USA what to do for this


have you got any solution i have the same problem


IT is there Just not in screen (out of screen)
try to relocate it on top to checking purpose


you can test ads First
use TEst Unit ID
Ad format
Sample ad unit ID



Rewarded Video

If Sample Ads showing it mean ur apps its working with ads
sc :