Ads are showing in live test but not in apk [Merge]


Hey @Domhnall

My AdMob account is more than 1 year old and I have some 4-5 apps linked with it. One of my first app was developed on beta thunkable and unfortunately I lost access on that app that means I can’t update my app. That app is doing well on Play and generating some money also. But from few days Its requesting the ads but not getting any impression and my another apps or I can say another adID are getting some impressions.

I don’t know what is the problem as noting is changed by me as I didn’t updated my app after 16 Nov 2017.

If you can reply than it will be a great help



Can you post a link to your apps in the Play store too please @Sandeep_Singh?



I found the solution. I done. Send me your apk


Sir would your plz let me know the solution. I will be thankful


Hi @techlk, you post is quite vague…can you explain in more detail before encouraging the people simply send your their apps.


For My App Play Store Link Click Here

You can’t you that app as it works with and Indian Device named JioFi

its a very simple app I used

1 1sec clock for ads and to check current url
1 Weviewer (Calling Router IP Address)
2-3 banner and Interstitial for different time call load.Ad like 60,120,180 sec


Sounds like you are using too many ads @Sandeep_Singh

Make sure you’ve fully read and understood the AdMob terms and conditions before using this component in your app.

Remember, as an app publisher, you have a responsibility to AdMob (who are paying you!) to use their product correctly.


Dear @Domhnall

Everything is right. But Its working from day 1 and now its not working after 1 Year. This don’t seems to be a error.

Suggest me what to do now.



You have too many ads in your app.

Make sure you have read the documentation, and in particular pay close attention to the ad placement policies:

And the ad implementation guidelines:


You are right but I can’t update the apk as I don’t have the aia file.

now I have to safe my google account


Oh.sorry about it. I am re building the app without change your code


Rebuild it from android studio


Hey people are you all crazy, all builder have this problem. Admpb changed some things like their apis and so on. In android studio you will see your ads but not with a builder. This is bc the admob comonent needs to be updated. All you can do is wait till the team make a update. There is nothing what you can do. Only wait. Some people are crazy here. They asked each day the same and that unfriendly too. The team have to make a update fast. Hopefully the next admob update come in a few months, because all earning apps developer will get crazy bc they loose a few cents. I saw the last few days people who built apps and their first component what they use in their appis admob. They have nothing in their app really nothing, but their first component what they use is admob a time and a layout. And the first question in the community is: Why i see no ads, ? i make all things right but i dont get any ads. Before you use admob, built a app with a usecase and not after each click show the user a ad. This is not allowed and admob delete you id, and google delete your developer account and block your ip too. And who use a app with 100 of ads. It is good to have app, where you can put in a apk, and that app delete all admob and other ads networks.




I was make a app. Banner ad is showing but interstitial ad is not showing. Is Thunkable update their SDK version??


you have to wait a few weeks until they update it,


Same problem


mine also banner ad is working
but intersital ad not showing…


same problem.interstital ads not show but banner ads showing


same problem

Why in my app it's not showing app?
I made a app but admob interstitial ad not show