Ads are showing in live test but not in apk [Merge]


intersal ads not show block right but not show intersal ,


I think the issue is interstitial ads are loaded but are not visible. In adesnse account number of interstitial ads shown is increasing but ads are not visible. I think due to policy change in admob like the banner ad has visible property, same needs to be implemented for interstitial ads.


interstitial ads not visible


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Oh wow you are the first one who posted this problem. All the other 1000 users who also posted this must have another problem.
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Hi @wondertech, as Peter is pointing out, the question has been asked many times already. I’ve moved your posts to this topic where you can get up to speed with the situation.


hello guys, am new to thunkable. Am trying to monetize my app, I have added banner and interstitial ad units,but no ADs comes to the app!
what should I do?


And you directly have question regarding ads? Do you know there are many other components available in the builder with which you can make an awesome app that also without ads!

And BTW,

Just search the community (with the help of that magnifying lens button) and I am sure you will get the solution. See its that simple!


If there is a solution, then why not direct us towards it? Stop playing around and solve this problem.
Show us how to make ads work. You also get money from our ad earnings so you have nothing to lose.
Let’s fix this else thousands of people will stop using thunkable. Hope you’re aware of this :slight_smile:


I recently updated two of my apps. I noticed that ads stopped loading on the updated version, though they work on the previous version of the apps.
I have searched the forum a lot the past few days and I couldn’t find the answer to my problem. I even read this topic
and I’m certain that my apps do not break any of those rules.
Is there any solution to this problem?


same thing happenings in my app.


Point is thunkable needs to make interatitial ads visible. Currently they are only loading the ads. Whenever any user ask about interstitial ads power thunkers get angry. But they need to understand its frustrating for us also as our revenue is getting affected. My app had just started to perform well and now because of this issue again it has slowed down. I am very disappointed.



This :point_up: is not the case every time! It is only expected to search the community regarding your problem before posting a topic. Even if you search the community now with the terms such as Ads problem, Ads not visible etc then you will see turn of similar results.
Now what you have to do is, check if anything from that result is similar to your query or not.
If yes, then just open that topic, see if you get the solution there and if there is nothing similar, you are free to create new topic.

But users are doing exactly opposite of this. They just put up a new question without even searching the community. Some of them have just joined the community and straight away create a topic and this is really frustrating

Hope you understand :slight_smile:


Stop fooling around and solve this problem.
If the solution was so easy to find I wouldn’t have been searching this forum the past 3 days.
There’s a reason people keep posting about this problem: you haven’t provided any solution yet.
So if you’re responsible reply to this post and stop ignoring everyone


Absolutely…We have already searched in entire forum and found no solution. Only solution available is admob account must have got blocked which is surely not in my case as I can see the count of interstitial ads in my adsense account. If it was blocked then the count wont have shown. It is request if you can provide us any other solution to this problem or atleast let us know by when it will be fixed.


I am not fooling anyone. Have you even read this whole topic? If you would have, then you have noticed that all the replies here are the queries that all the users are facing regarding Ads.
Developers are already aware of this problem and @Domhnall have merged the topic all over from the community in one place (here), so when solution arrives then the same can be conveyed easily and effectively. Until then have patience.

Yes i definitely ignored your similar reply :point_down: yesterday .

But you continued that today also.
Next time think before making false alligations (hurting)on someone. Flagging your both replies straight away.


Where is the false allegation? Yes, Thunkable earns money from our ad revenue, this is even written on your site

And you have specified over and over again during the last few days that there is a solution to the problem, and we can find it by easly searching the forum:

It’s that simple right?
Now you’re saying that there’s no solution and that the Thunkable staff is looking for it

So who’s the one making false allegations? Make up your mind: Is there a solution or not?

You think you can manipulate us so easly by making us believe there’s no problem.
There’s no need to fool us. You should’ve told the truth from the beggining, we would’ve understood it much easier.


Neither I own the Thunkabke site nor I have written that. So, your comment of me getting money stands false. Think before writing anything

Solution, everytime doesn’t means that you impelment something and your problem vanishes.
Having patience sometimes is also a solution.
And the same is specified by me again and again.

I am saying it again I have never done that :point_up:

@Domhnall @Peter_Mathijssen can you please look here to avoid further unnecessary arguments?


@Andrei, this issue arose just over 3 weeks ago and I have been collecting the questions and responses in this topic.

In response to this our developers released an update 10 days ago giving you, and all our users, the ability to troubleshoot this error.

In all likelihood, is seems that there just aren’t enough ads to fill all the requests being made from some regions. Typically, companies reduce advertising expenditure towards the end of the year and increase it again in January.

Finally, please try to be polite and civil in all your interactions with fellow community members.


First of all thanks for replying in a constructive manner.

I think most users are in this situation :point_up_2:
In my opinion that’s what the staff should’ve specified from the start, instead of saying there’s a solution so easy to find, which it clearly isn’t.

In regards to this, I think it’s an issue of misunderstanding. I was obviously not referring to you receiving the 5% fee, but rather the ones who own Thunkable, as they’re the ones who can solve the problem.

This is my last respone. In the end I hope we can find a (real) solution to solve this issue.


Dear sir
I read all post in this topic but please give us proper solutions regarding this topic. I am not going to blem anyone. Our heartly request to thunkable please give us proper solution.
I have made big update for my user on urgent basis over 80k user but waiting for solution.
Please need a help