Ads are showing in live test but not in apk [Merge]


Why nobody use the searchbar and also a lot of posts in the this community???
Edit : only earning developer don’t use searchbar :rofl::rofl: They want only their ads to work now !!!
HERE:point_left: and HERE :point_left:


aer.aia (1.6 KB)

see this… admob is not work… you know i have 100000 user downloaded app … every user cant see admob ad. plaese help us thunkable …


techlk … ekama app ekakawath admob weda ne… mokada karanne. … playstore eke 10000 download giya app thiyanawa e kisi kenekta ad pennanne ne… shit. meka thunkable eke awlak ban… munta kiyanna widiyak nedda?



I think that’s not the problem because the application is not blocked, the banner simply does not appear. I also have the same problem with one of my applications. Also in all my applications of Thunkable does not work the banners in test mode.

Also in other of my applications I have lost all the blocks. My user is eologames


I’m having the same problem, and if so, I’ll have to remove my thunkable apps from the play store.


Does anyone have an idea about this problem?


I too have done so


however, I will remove an application that has passed 50 thousand downloads and install a new one.
Past labor will fly.


Any solution yet to ads now showing on app


bro. mam kiwwa bn. un kiwwa thama testing nisa admob la hariyata sup karan ne lu. awla kothanada hithaganna be. but wena ratawala idan build karana app wala ads pennanawa awlak nathuwa. unta kiwwata theren ne bn


awla thunkabal eke wage bn… wena ekakin heduwama ad weda karanawa… google la babala neweine bn mun appinventor eka ussalai meka atawala thiyenne… eka update karanna mun danne ne man hithanne… mun ape ad walin 20% or 30% vithara gannawa komath… inbox waren malli deyak kiyanna


intersal ads not showing why any problem


Interstitial ads not show latest apps development…


interstitial ads not showing, only banner .why?


I think the same. Last apps development not show adds. I think that google play changed the api and all of this programs (thunkable, kodular, etc) that derive of appinventor not updated to the new api.

Thunkable technicians will do something? or have we been lying? I understand that they are also interested in solving this issue because their income will fall dramatically


I’ve been making like $30+ a day off admob with my inter and banner ad, and one day is completely stopped making me money. It’s been 3 days now. Is anyone else having this issue? It could be a policy change causing the admob component to have stopped working.


Why not search the forum. The forum is infested with this kind of questions. I would hope people would stop posting this kind of questions or at least don’t create new topics about it.


aer (1).aia (1.7 KB)

This My new sample app… but not show ad
i know this problem only for .thunkable database
kodular App Is Working No Error
thunkable must think this problem is Big loss yours and us
Why You’re disregarding us?
Why do not thunkable fix this mistake?

Peter_MathijssenPower Thunker
Is say Us To “”" I would hope people would stop posting this kind of questions or at least don’t create new topics about it.""" What is the basis for this?

Tell us clearly Is this your fault?

And I need to know
Sign up now to lock in our discounted annual PRO plan price of $100/yr. Prices will increase to $200/yr on Jan 1, 2019. whats this?

Is this something that made you happen?


Read Peter’s link to find your solution. If your problem continue you have only to wait thunkable’ s team for upgrade. The Pro account is for Thunkable X and not for Classic. As Peter said use search bar and find your informations. There are a lot of post about your questions.