Ads are showing in live test but not in apk [Merge]


Remember, I set by default all settings of the admob unit . If you change the ecp or other parameters the time to show your ads will be different. I never changed them so I don’t know how to set them to fix this problem.


i try your .aia and convert be .apk then installed on my phone but your apk is not run


What device you have and what android version?


Works in live test?


So I have the same problem

  • Direct test show ads Admob
  • Provide QR code For .apk No show ads Admob


My .aia also ?


no dr. not work for me.
huawei 4c
i dont know why? :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:


Try my apk directly. I tested by 3 device and it works. Maybe the problem is another.

It works


i have made app on your site. thunkable live shoes my admob ad but after export we cant see ad in app…please help


Think your are correct . There is a bug or problem on thunkable …


Yes . We just talking about it dr


I will try to another device . Then i can guess what is the problem … and. How to ask questions from thunkable developer ?


So my app doesn’t work for you , in live test and with apk! Doesn’t run?
Android version of device? It is an app with only 2buttons and ads :thinking:


not working


Same problems also. The ads are just blank. I heard all online app builder are to update their API.


first past on screen
then past banner ad on in to the Horizontal_Scroll_Arrange1


Hello Sir
I have same issues in my application. Why when I test my apps on emulaor Ads appear normally or I test them on mobile devices appear normally too. But after I published app on google play store , And downloaded it from googleplay ads are not showing.

When I am contact admob Team they are tell me please update ads Apl level. So please update your ads ApI level
Here are:
some screen short and apk file please cheek and tell me.
my apk link play store:
my apk original file link:


Hello Thunkers,

I am facing the same problem the ads works fine in live test but not in Exported apk how do we fix it ? did anyone found any solution ? Please help

P.S : yesterday a banner ad did appear in my exported apk just once then it was blank i opened the app many times but the ad did not appear maybe this information could be useful in identifying the error


sipe (3) (1).aia (81.4 KB)

Please can you check my aia?

My ads are not showing at all

It displays in LIVE Mode but not on direct apk


Hi @kalingad_dynasty,

Please do not create new topics where one already exists. I’ve moved your question here so everyone can see it.

I’ve installed your app on my phone and I can see the ads being loaded after a second or two. This doesn’t seem to be an issue on Thunkable’s end.

Testing in Ireland, here’s the .apk if anyone else wants to try it:

:open_file_folder: sipe.apk