Ads are showing in live test but not in apk [Merge]


Google Admob policy allows only one ad activity, only one banner.


i try it . but not…




You made all the changes I said you?


So I have the same problem

  • Direct test show ads Admob
  • Provide QR code For .apk No show ads Admob


Yes dr. I also trying . But too tired … what is missed with us?


yes dr. I done all things what you tell to do. But not fixing


Admob account status is ok. The ada are showing on my app build by android studio . I used same id to thunkable. :disappointed:


same issue here whats the solution


yes dr. what is the problem? i followed all rules … but…


i recheck the problem. ads are displaying on direct debug mode. qr scanning


ads are displaying on QR debug mode. after build apk and download . ads not showing


Show the settings you are using about ads, screen and code. Then control also admob site to verify ads status and if there is some alert.


like this. but ads are work on QR debug mode. when installed to mobile ads not showing.
this ads are already running on my another application build by android studio.i am tired

Sizing responsive



:sleepy: anybody can send us to simply working app aia file please? i think then we can fixed your problem.:sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:


I ask you all settings about screen and ads ( hide ads link , we don’t need it).
If you are using this ads in another app try to create a new bunner. Probably it works as one bunner one app . Every new app need a new bunner ( probably) . Remember to uncheck test mode after edit app and don’t click on your ads


All Items Properties. i used a new ads id. but same issue



For new ads wait some hours, if it not works I don’t know how to help you. You can ask to admob if there is some problem or search in the community, maybe some one found a solution. For me ads works good but I have only 2 apps with one bunner in each one


thank you for your helping hand. dont know how to fix. could you send your ads working sample .aia file?..(only If you can).


prova.aia (1.6 KB)
I made it 5 minutes ago and it just works right!
So the problem is with your admob account ( I think)