Ads are showing in live test but not in apk [Merge]


hi I have some confusion plz help me
admob add are not showing on my app , please update add app . or please tale me the process how to update


Hi @Sankar_Das, welcome to the Thunkable community.

Can you please share a copy of your aia file so we can take a closer look at this.



after download app to google play store ads not show,
dear sir i want need some help to increement my app to benefit my ads not show after downloading to the app store, when testing time and apk file who not uploaded into play store there ads show properly what is main reason?

solve this issues.


same issue here


read google play policies


please help me bro my ad show in live test but not in the apk. When I installed and I am new on thunkable tell me please what is the problem going on with me please help me…

Ads are showing on live test but not on apk

There is a test going on in the appybuilder forum where everyone is testing the same app.

Everyone around the world is getting the ads but not for instance users from india. So the users that use ads the most are the once left out. :grin:

EDIT: It seems the app is not available for users in India.




Almost a week ago and I suffer from the same problem


Ads on my app still not sowing. Please solve the issue…


Ads not showing google admob policy updated …
Please thunkable community update your api then ads will show.
Fix it fast
Thank you


strong textAds not showing because google ad mob policy updated…
Plese thunkable community update your api fast
then only the ads will show as said by google admob
Thankyoustrong text


I have Same Problem
Any one can help me

Thunkable live test show ads but app on my cell not show ads

I have also the same problem


Hello I’m having an issue with the adds that display in my app. They work fine if I install them from the downloaded APK. But once I publish them to the Google Play store and they no longer show.

Just wondering if anyone else is having the same issue.


dear thunkable community,my app is not showing admob ads.please update your api


I see you have a broken heart. How can we motivate you to feel better? :sunglasses:

Be patient and let developers work on this issue.


Same problem here, Live is okay and yes…ads disappear on apk. It’s like…magic. Better let developers do their own “magic” and beam us out of apk mistreat.
Meanwhile I shall meditate longer to wait for an enlightenment. It would make me feel much, much better. Christmas is coming…and magic somehow happens, …or not.


why ad is not showing?what is the main reason?what can i do?


hi, i am new one. i done as the doc. but what wrong with me. please check my images!
ScreenShot_20181130205304|410x174 ScreenShot_20181130205423 ScreenShot_20181130205339 ScreenShot_20181130205400ScreenShot_20181130220523