Ads are showing in live test but not in apk [Merge]




Please share aia file. we are waiting for this month ago


Here are few Screen Shots
so what are was the problem ??


Are ads showing on your app @Lklk_Lklk


You app is working perfectly sir, put us thru or share the aia file, thanks… you are genius


It works


Only banners are showing in my app @Domhnall



@Lklk_Lklk, can you share screenshots please so we can see the error code that is showing on the app screen.



Error 3 @Domhnall


please what can i do to repair it?

  1. That’s not the sample app I shared with you.

  2. You seem to have more that one ad unit on your screen.


I saw in another post that if we want to update previous app to a new one they said that the
will not show ever never …is that true ?


@Domhnall i shared screenshos of your app. And its working. But mines is not working.


My name is Manish Gautam. I’am using Thunkable to make apps sinse 4 year and I have public 3 apps in play store. All my apps was working good nut when I update my apps recently , Admob ads Interestial ads are not showing .

Please help me . I have searched and have watched all video from Youtube but all tricks west my tome only . So please comment what we have is happening.


Dear @Domhnall

I’m glad somebody is taking some action regarding admob problem.
I tested you apk and ads are sowing without any fault. This looks great to me to have test mode as

I request you to implement these features as soon as possible.



Hi @Domhnall
Your tricks is working and both banner and interstitial ads are showing. But how to show ads in app with fill content app.
Please help

Tnahk You
Manish Gautam


Hi @Sandeep_Singh

I can not take any responsibility for this - our developers have been working tirelessly on this issue. Initially they added new blocks to allow you debug your own apps and now we have another update we need help testing.

Please note that in my original post I asked you to share screenshots of your test results, thank you for your assistance with this.


@Manish698 this is not a “trick” it is an update that our developers are working on.

Interstitial ads do fill the whole page, no?