Ads are showing in live test but not in apk [Merge]


why do you people dont wait. Each day new posts about admob.


Interstitial Ads in my application are not showing please resolve the problem i also have uploaded py app to Play Store


i am also facing same kind of issue


Hi @Hi-Tech_Solutions and @Tinku_Barman_Tinku_T please search the community before creating new topics in the community.

Please provide as much information as possible in this form.



Oh no! Help! My ads have stopped! How will my earnings app make me money now?!


But seriously, I hope ads never work again. It just seems that some users are creating earning aps and now that Google have cracked down on it they are crying.


Apk link:

Aia file:

Interstitial Ads are not working


Did you fill in the form?




Please give your gmail ao i gave you the access yo aia file


I think it’s important to keep this topic alive just because of the fact that ads are still not working.
Admins, do you have any more news on this subject?


why no one give to us a solution??? ufffff


Hi @Lklk_Lklk,

Have you completed the survey? So far the response rate is very low.


im getting error 3.


Unfortunately the problem in thunkable is not the problem with Google


I face same problem, Do you find the reason or can you solved your problem?


My banners disappearing after one day.Any idea?


Ads in my new apps are not showing admob is showing requests but no impressions are coming even test mode is also showing no ads


like at all other user you shoulD read before you write



Check i found solution.