Ads are showing in live test but not in apk [Merge]


Your App shows advertising (I downloaded it and tried it). I noticed that the last update you did in September and, from what I understood by reading this post, that’s why you’re safe, because the trick is only for updates or new Apps released for about a month and a half .

So if you upgrade now, in theory, advertising should become invisible. If you want to try without risking anything, create a closed internal test (with only your email address inserted) from Console Developer so only you can install the update.

In the meantime I noticed some problems of visualization on the screens with my cinafonino (Ulefone Vienna). If you contact me in private I send you the screenshots I’ve made.


:sweat_smile: Maybe, My last update was in September , If I have time I will try your hint to show you the answer.


I found this video on the net, but I do not understand the (Indi?) language: what are you saying? Did you find a solution?


I have created a app.But it does not show industrial ads…people only can see banner ads.How can i solve this issue?

AdMob Interstitial ads not showing

Any solution or only waiting


only waiting… :frowning:


Interestial & Reward ads Not working


Hello! Friends All Ads are working. Please check your API Level.


hi…what should be the API level. I think there is no option to select API level right ?


In thunkable live interstitial ad does not work. I made an Update in a test closed on the Play Store and it does not work. In the properties of Screen 1 I did not find the API check you say there is. Could you explain to me in simple terms what should I do to solve? Thank you


Hello Stefano!
Please check your Apk file is signed or unsigned.
if your file is unsigned. ads are not show.
when you upload on playstore. playstore check your unsigned apk and then signed it.
after few hours ads will be show.
Note: you have fully approved admob account.


Yes, my App is signed. It will not be a problem to wait a few hours, it is two months since my App does not show advertising …:wink:
Thank you


there is an error of google api level in your app. If possible ? then sent me your apk file which you already uploaded in playstore. i do check it.



Here you can download my latest update

Thanks for your help


Hi guys. After the report made by JohnMod I updated and republished my App. Nothing to do, advertising (only interstitial use) is NOT shown.
I have created and published a test app on the Play Store and so I discovered that the banners work, the interstitial NO :frowning:
But that’s not all … If you download the App for a check and check the Thunkable blocks you will see that warnings should appear on the label both when advertising does not load, and after it is load, but these warnings do not appear if not, * rarely *, code 3. Then I ask myself: am I mistaken anything? Is there an error in the Thunkable blocks? Is the problem with Admob?
I tell all this in the hope that some developer will be able to have some idea and try to solve.
In test mode they do not even show the banner

App test:



It’s that simple!


It appears that Interstitial ads load but stay invisible, after Google Play updated their API.

My app started to have many installs and positive ratings and reviews, and started to make money with the Admob Banner, but i feel i could gain way more with Insterstitial (it’s comproved by Admob reports that interstitial ads could increase up to 50% more earnings when well inserted).


Hola! Tengo mi app con thunkable y me cree la cuenta de admob hace ya unos 4-5 días, pero siguen sin llegar los anuncios, eso si, los de prueba de google si me aparece, pero mi banner creado hace 4 dias, no

El error es el 3, y se que es pork hay que esperar, pero cuanto más?


Hello, I added banner and interstitial ads to my app (sizing is set to responsive), but only banner ads are working, while interstitial never appeared. How can I solve it?
Thank you.


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