Ads are showing in live test but not in apk [Merge]


same problem… no ads in recent made apps…


Hello why in my app it’s not showing ads ?
My AdMob it’s approved.


Why people don’t use the search bar never??
Read here and follow the post.

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There are a lot of users with the same problem, try all the hints in the post , if you don’t fix the problem you have only to wait the update.
Read this too to find your problem HERE @mrghost


Hello @Goldking
Thanks for helping me.
Do you show ads? In your app ?
If yes please give me your .aia!


The problem isn’t the app but admob in some countries. If you set your ads right (there is a section in the Docs to set ads) and your account isn’t new (more than 1 or 2 day) and not sospended , you have to wait the solution. Did you read how to set ads component? Did you use my second post to find your error code?




Which number you get from the block?


In all fairness you are not showing why this is a Thunkable issue.

Focus on the basics. Know where the data is, where it is sent, and what is says.

Setup variables, do the debugging. HELP US help you!


English please, so all people can understand and give and get help


Admobs ads not showing while testing.Need solution…please help him to solve this issue


i am unable to see my AdMob Interstitial ads dont know why please solve this problem


what to do next still not showing ads


my ads are not showing in app due to some update in admobs


Also I have the same problem, I intervene with some more news, hoping it is useful to solve the problem.

I made an update published in a closed group of the Play Store and the advertising is no longer seen. In the public version of the App (not updated), advertising is still visible. The App is Italian and installed almost exclusively on Italian devices.

The error test available with the thunkanle code says ‘error 3’ and in fact according to the admob report the requests arrive from the app, but are not met.

As far as I can, I am available to the developers of Thunkable to try to solve the problem.


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Please HelP


Same problem here.
Any more news on this topic? It’s been 3 weeks and nothing has been fixed.
Keep us updated with the situation else it will seem like you’re trying to ignore us.


I’m Italian too and my app is set for any country. Do you see ads in my app? I see it well.