Ads are showing in live test but not in apk [Merge]


All these reviews are of no use


Unfortunately the ads do not appear
You’ve tried all previous reviews and no ads appear
I have tried a fun application and the Prova also does not show ads
Clearly, it is better for us to change this platform


How many Thunkable testers got this exciting message today? :smile:


Does that mean that all this daily crying and whining about “my ads don’t show” will stop soon?


I think I might miss it… :joy:

In all seriousness though, the people who decide to put in too many ad units or those who launch a new app that get a suspiciously high levels of clicks still won’t be able to see ads, but that’s a conversation for another day I think.


Hey folks,

I successfully tested this app this morning but would appreciate your feedback too. Can you test and share screenshots of what it looks like for you?


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Both ran perfectly with & without test mode. Tried multiple times


I tired the app both banner and interstitial ads are working fine in test mode as well as without test mode


Yes! Both Banner & Interstitial ads are working in the above shared test app. Below are the screenshots.


Its working. Can you share aia file?


YEs :smiley: iT is WorkinG… @DoMHnaLL


yes its working…thank u so much… :slight_smile:


Thanks @thunker @Killua_Zoldyck @Lklk_Lklk @creative_dukaan @nadeemsyd

Please note:


It working .




Please share aia file. we are waiting for this month ago


Here are few Screen Shots
so what are was the problem ??


Are ads showing on your app @Lklk_Lklk


You app is working perfectly sir, put us thru or share the aia file, thanks… you are genius