Ads are showing in live test but not in apk [Merge]


Hello guys,
I wish you have a good day,

I have a problem in my new thunkable account. Ads doesn’t appear at all in my apps. In my previous account in thunkable adds appears but in the new they are not although I make same steps.

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Is your Problem is solved ? if solved please give me advice how to solved this problem?


Fun_app (1).aia (4.4 KB)


I have sent my app aia pls help me resolve the issue on android studio


interstitial ads are not showing after upgrade old version app , banner ads are showing well but the problem is with interstitial ads. Please give me a solution how can i solve this problem?


HERE is the solution to the problem

Admob Interstitial Fix with


Fun_app (1).aia (4.4 KB)
These is my aia please help me resolve in android studio …thanks


I’m having a problem.
Showing the banner ads I’ve placed on the application.
But interstitials ads aren’t showing.
I believe all settings are correct. Because I have applications in different categories are shown in them …

I suspected thunkable interstitials advertisements …

Is there any idea or idea?



How did you place the add can you show that ?


I do not think there is a problem with the installation … because I have 4 more applications in the store … I think they have no problem with the question of thunkable … the whole forum is talking about it …


And why did you open a new thread then?:thinking:


Unbelievable! Not even the desire to read a post two positions above… :wink:


Why did not the admob ads problem solve this time
And why there is no response by solutions and timed by Thunkabel?


All these reviews are of no use


Unfortunately the ads do not appear
You’ve tried all previous reviews and no ads appear
I have tried a fun application and the Prova also does not show ads
Clearly, it is better for us to change this platform


How many Thunkable testers got this exciting message today? :smile:


Does that mean that all this daily crying and whining about “my ads don’t show” will stop soon?


I think I might miss it… :joy:

In all seriousness though, the people who decide to put in too many ad units or those who launch a new app that get a suspiciously high levels of clicks still won’t be able to see ads, but that’s a conversation for another day I think.


Hey folks,

I successfully tested this app this morning but would appreciate your feedback too. Can you test and share screenshots of what it looks like for you?


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Both ran perfectly with & without test mode. Tried multiple times