Ads are showing in live test but not in apk [Merge]


I face same problem, Do you find the reason or can you solved your problem?


My banners disappearing after one day.Any idea?


Ads in my new apps are not showing admob is showing requests but no impressions are coming even test mode is also showing no ads


like at all other user you shoulD read before you write



Check i found solution.


Hello Community!

I Have a Problem with one of my apps in classic Thunkable… in this one it was a Admob Interstitial and a Banner. But they wont load any ADS. Screen 1 is slected as responvive.

I Also tryed a Id from a other Banner from one of ma working apps… Nothing…
ADS was created 2 weeks ago…

Here my Block snipped:

could anyone help me? I think i´ve tryed everything…


The problem is with Thunkable, it has been there for three months and it is unknown when and especially if it will be solved.


Hey guys @wei @albert @Domhnall, It has been few months now & this admob issue is still unsolved. All of my apps are ready with new feature updates but due to this issue my apps are stuck with old apks. I think it is an important feature for people like me who wants to update their apps & for people who wants to publish their apps.
It has been a long time since the issue started & I know some people moved to other platforms due to the same issue. It is not good for thunkable,right?

It would be great if you guys can give us an estimated time you require to solve the issue.


What you said is wrong, because nobody was changed the builder bc of admo. You want know why?
Because all other Builder have the same issue. You can look in each forum and you will see that people have problems to show this ads.


I do know that issue is across all the platform. But other platforms have multiple monetization services hence users are able to at least monetize their apps even if admob is not working


other platforms are not having issues…i have tested on other platforms…admob interstial ads are working properly on other platforms…it is only in thunkable this issue is there…there is no point in asking again for solution…i have already lost hope and will be soon developing my app in other platform and stop the already published app…




Hello friend which platform is working admob …


you can try appybuilder…


hi, i read the whole topic even i upload your “prova.aia” in my account and export it to my mobile, banner ad working fine but not interstitial ads working. There is something wrong.


The post you are speaking about is very old, many things changes after it :sweat_smile:


in my previous version app which is published in playstore ads are showing, but when i created new version in the same app the ads are not showing in the app


you should look into the community with the seach function. All other peole have problems too you dont need to make a new post.


Hello guys,
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I have a problem in my new thunkable account. Ads doesn’t appear at all in my apps. In my previous account in thunkable adds appears but in the new they are not although I make same steps.

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