Ads are showing in live test but not in apk [Merge]


Hi @Landowski, I appreciate that you are frustrated with AdMob…

…however I don’t really understand why you would speculate like this, particularly when this is the official Thunkable forum. Most of our team are active here so you don’t have to start making wild guesses.

While our priority this year is the get feature parity between X and Classic, in the past 15 days our product team have pushed 4 updates to Classic.

In case you missed them, these are all publicly recorded here:

And in addition to this, a month ago, we released a new block specifically so that classic users could diagnose any potential issues for themselves.

Just out of curiosity - is your app published in the Play Store?


Domhnall, i’m just talking about what i have seen here last month. People are literally begging for a solution for Admob interstitial and all they have is “search forum, search here”. I will not be hypocritical here, and my main goal is to make money with my apps, but it being useful to people. All my apps are published to Play Store (Tap Jitsu) and all banners works ok, only interstitial do not work.

Don’t get me wrong please, i do know about the effort of the Thunkable Team to make things better or solve problems, i learned a lot and extremely fast searching the community, watching you channel, etc. No doubt of your efforts. My guess, like i said, was based on the answers that i have seen here and the very active development features of Thunkable X.


Ok, I think we’re going to verge off topic here, but as a general rule I try to avoid saying

And I have encouraged others not to do this either as, in a lot of instances, it’s not constructive.

To get back on topic though - the purpose of this topic is so that when a solution is found then everyone can be updated in one post rather than hundreds of posts.

To everyone reading this - if you haven’t done so already - make sure that you are WATCHING this topic to be notified of all updates.

Ideally, @Landowski, when someone wants to let us know they are having issues with AdMob they should create a reply here letting us know

  • What phone/android version they are using,
  • What country they are located in,
  • Whether or not their app is in the Play Store,
  • Whether this is a new or previously made app

In reality - as you have probably noticed over the past month - there are hundreds of new topics, from people who have never even liked a post in the community before, saying something like “My ads stop working”. While I completely appreciate that this is frustrating for a lot of users posts like this get us no closer to a solution.

Personally, it would be great to see community members working together to help direct new members to this topic, and to any helpful posts that they think are relevant. That, after all, is the whole point of a community. Hopefully this is something that you are willing to do too!


Thanks for the clarification, Domhnall.

Talking about my apps, yes, they all are in Play Store, they all worked with Interstitial before the “apocalyptic date” when people updated their apps on Play Store and it stopped work. I can ensure that i’m not one more of these people that only cry here about their subtle problem; i searched until i’ve exhausted all possibilities about interstitial ads, and, reading the vast majority similar problems of other peoples answers here, i do know it is not related with Admob itself (as many said here, the interstitial ad impression is counting, he only do not show like before).


Sorry if I offended you, that wasn’t my intention. I know I was responding to you directly, but it was more an observation of the types of topics we’ve seen rather than directed specifically at you. In fact, the majority of our 35,000+ community members know how to search and help each other out, so sorry again if you thought I was lumping you in with the minority who don’t.

What response to you get from the Ad Failed to Load block?


To anyone who has posted on this topic, please take a minute to complete this form so that we can get some meaningful feedback on this issue.

To everyone reading this - if you haven’t done so already - make sure that you are WATCHING this topic to be notified of all updates.

Also, if you see anyone creating topics about issues with the AdMob component, please direct them to this post.


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Post 222


Fill out this form to report admob problem


I am very happy with this post! I have already sent the questionnaire.

If I can, I suggest adding “no error code” to the question about the error code: I replied that I did not try to use it, but actually I used it and a lot and the answer has always been 3 for the new banners just published (I understand the 3 in this situation at the beginning of publication), then ‘no error code’ after 1/2 days and in the ‘old’ interstitial I have always obtained ‘no error code’. At the same time, Admob has always detected admob requests and has always indicated the views as ‘0’.
I hope to be clear, because I do not know English and I’m using google translator.


Thanks @Stefano_Pedrazzi, glad to hear you like it.

Thanks for the feedback, as far as I know you are the first person to have mentioned this. Hopefully if others follow your example and share meaningful feedback like this with us then we’ll be able to shed more light on the root cause of this.

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


I observed that when we use google admob test ad’s unit ids, ads don’t load and also don’t generate any error code. So I think the issue is not related to any specific unit ids as it is effecting google’s own ids. Hope it helps


Thanks for the feedback @thunker!

Did you get a chance to fill in the form?


yes I filled the form. Hope you could come with a fix soon


Hi…even i used google ad units and i didnt got any error code. In form I have mentioned it as 0. I think if we can implement something like ShowInterstitialAd like we have in appy builder than the issue will be solved. This is what I feel. We can give it a try.


IMHO, premise that the test that you suggest you can always do, after verifying that what you’ve seen happens ALWAYS, the FIRST thing to do is that the Thunkable Team call the support of Google to ask what the test unit IDs are different Google compared to those that Admob (which is always Google …) provides at the request of developers.


why do you people dont wait. Each day new posts about admob.


Interstitial Ads in my application are not showing please resolve the problem i also have uploaded py app to Play Store


i am also facing same kind of issue


Hi @Hi-Tech_Solutions and @Tinku_Barman_Tinku_T please search the community before creating new topics in the community.

Please provide as much information as possible in this form.



Oh no! Help! My ads have stopped! How will my earnings app make me money now?!


But seriously, I hope ads never work again. It just seems that some users are creating earning aps and now that Google have cracked down on it they are crying.