Ads are showing in live test but not in apk [Merge]


Hello everyone i have created an app just for testing ads,
i set screen to responsive
i correctly added the ad unit id
account was approved and old
screen have banner add only when screen initialize i set it to load ad and on other screen i have interstitial ad which will show on click i called it to correctly
i have tried everything and checked everything multiple times but none of it helps
please help me…

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Hi… I just SAW thaT MY admoB ads are NoT WorkinG…
I think ADMob has recently issueD SOMe nEW RULEs whiCH NeedS to bE UpdatED On thunKABLE’s admob in ordeR to ShoW the ads…
Am I righT?

Ads showing in live test not in apk

My new updated version is not showing ads


  1. It works fine before the update.
  2. On Test mode “apk” it is - OK
  3. Without test mode “apk” it is - OK
  4. My other apps on play store - Works fine.
  5. No account suspension mail or termination mail from google.


Admob -
Ad Unit ID (OK), PersonalizedAd(Checked), Test Mode(Un-Checked), Visible(Checked)

AdMob Interstitial
Ad Unit ID (OK), PersonalizedAd(Checked), Test Mode(Un-Checked)

Ads handle separately with TIMER control

Last ADS working version was with Version Code - 10 & Version Name - 3.1
Next version I have uploaded with Version Code - 11 but by mistake, apk complied with Version Name - 3.1 and I processed it in PlayStore.
After that, the ads issue comes.

Now I recompile the apk with Version Code - 12 & Version Name - 3.2 but the issue is still there.

Any idea or guide from your ends will be very helpful. Waiting for everyone’s valuable suggestion.



Don’t put usernames in a first post to get attention. This is not done. Please remove them. Just wait for a response and be patient.


Ok - I am removing


Can any body help me ? till it unsolved … #classicdiscuss #SuccessfullyTHUNKd

Is there any issue with my thinkable account ? @amrita @Taifun


Friends may I get any feedback from any ones end ?


I checked our admob component and I don’t see any problem. Can you make an app with just the admob component? if there is still problem, can you send me the aia and apk files?



Please, help me. My ads were working in test but not showing after exporting the apk. Please help anyone.


i have made app on your site. thunkable live shoes my admob ad but after export we cant see ad in app…please help


I guess you didn’t read the rest of the topics about this before posting. There are enough of these topics at the moment. Be patient.


The same problem I suffer from


The same problem


Hello friends can anyone resolve my app issue.
Admob showing ads while testing live app but when I export the app and install on my phone it’s not showing any of the add
Pls help to resolve this issue


Hello everyone,

As of this time, I am having the same issue also.

I found this topic from the appybuilder community,

I think the problem is everywhere. I also check the forum on Admob Mobile SDK here,!categories/google-admob-ads-sdk/android

Is anyone here have the solutions to this problem?


i m also facing these types of problems but in my 23 apps which i was build from thunkable
admob stop serving ads. when i m contact to admob support team they said
only the app which build from android studio ,ads perfectly worked
admob changes the api in recent upodate which means all other platform like thunkable, makeroid,kodular they should also change or update api, then automaticallly starts ads


Admob upgraded their API. Their ads will be served in ANDROID STUDIO projects but not in online drag and drop app building systems. So, the ads are not serving.


Hi Thunkable Devs,

Could you upgrade the Admob module for the sake of the thunkable community?

Or anyone here in the community able to build an updated Admob module or build an extension?

Best Regards


Then, there is a big problem, if this is true, please thunkable should find a lasting solution to this


I tried with ionic framework with admob also not working.

Google is forcing everyone to use Android Studio for development especially if it involves admob.