Admob not working with more than 1 banner




I tried to add admob to an app I am currently building but when I add a second admob banner, one will stop working and not load ads at all… I used different AD ids as well as tried it with Google test IDs to make sure its not a problem of my account…

Is this another element ID bug in Thunkable? Like the fail that you cannot have more than 1 Google Map?! I just spend hours of searching for the error in my admob account or settings but it seems it works only if there is not more than 1 banner item in the app… The documentation does nowhere say you cano only have one banner in your app therefor I assume it is another bug…

I really start getting tired of finding bugs over bugs in Thunkable -.-

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hello sir,
As per as Admob policy if you use more than one banner ads in a screen then you admob account will be suspended it is better to use only one banner ads in a screen so that you account will not get suspended.

Be careful in putting the ads. Its is good that less ads and more download but more ads and less download will effect your earning also.


Hey @ritikverma,

thanks for your reply! But I am quite sure you are just not allowed to have more than 1 ad visible on screen at the same time. But I have placed the banners in different arrangements that act like screens (only one visible at a time).


My friend i understand but if GOOGLE will suspend your admob account then what you will do that time you cannot take the left money which in you admob account. And also i want to tell you that while making the the app do not see the money and do not see that i have to put more. one banner and one full screen ads are enough.


They won’t suspend the account as long as you stick to their policies and 1) I could not find any document that has this 1 banner per screen policy but I found that most admob users wrote in discussions, users should not SEE more than one ad at a time. Therefor I don’t see any problem with using 2 admob banners in 2 different views.

This might be right in theory but since I need the banner to show in different locations (on top in one view and on bottom in another) I still need 2 different admob elements and also using just one would still not solve the bug/problem with thunkable not working with 2 or more :wink: