Admob Interstitial Fix with


Hello guys
I know there is a problem about admob but if there is a problem should be a soluiton right?
I found solution with
Banner and Interstitial working now.

1.Download this and extract and install .aix extension.

rest is from
upload your apk and keystroke(password=android) and add admob id.
and download your enchanced apk thats all.
P.s developer can fix this with adding GDPR like Kodular.But thunkable sleeping.

Ads are showing in live test but not in apk [Merge]
Ads are showing in live test but not in apk [Merge]
Admob Interstitial doesn't work now

Thank you for this, VERY HELPFUL!


I paced it correctly but still ads are not ashowing


You did something wrong.Share your blocks.Or you did something wrong on settings.


where you make app …thunkable or appybuilder


This is my blocks on appy builder
please Slove this issue…


Blocks corret.Try with admob test id.U know u r adding admob id from right?Maybe u did something wrong on
I m using thunkable and working perfectly.


Ok … i am checking …
I will Inform You


hello my friend, it’s not working. I’ve done all this and nothing.


I have done it and it’s working perfectly.

  1. Download aix extension and import it AND PUT IT on the screen.
  2. Load it with the block event.
  3. Export apk to your computer and, of course, import it in website and apply “Enhance my app”, put your Admob ad ID on “App Inventor” settings, save your new generated apk and it’s ok with interstitial.



I only add TWO things:

  1. look at this video tutorial and follow the instructions exactly as explained. Do not jump from one side to the other to do before, because you will lose important information

  2. Attention, AFTER EVERY Update on the PlayStore of your App “Enhanced”, interstitial advertising NOT shown for a few hours, then everything goes back to normal

Video Tutorial:

thanks wyfsysf, you saved my life :wink:


It’s normal for your interstitial advertising to NOT work, because you’re still using the Thunkable module! Watch step by step the Enhance video tutorial and follow EXACTLY what it says to do. The first thing you need to do is DELETE the thunkable interstitial module, then watch the video. It is not complicated***!

***I am a grandfather age, I do not understand anything about programming and I succeeded :smiley:

If you want to test, create a very simple app, which has only the loading instruction Enhance to initialize and a button that shows the interstitial and nothing else


Thanks it’s work for me too.

But there is no risk that google will block your admob account using this method ?


thanks for the solution you save a life bro

pls if i want to enhance another app do i creat a new extension or use the previous one ?


You have to import the extension (always that) into the new project and repeat the whole procedure. Always remember to enter the Keystore of the App you are processing, do not use those already stored on Enhance


i did everything accroding to instruction , yet ads no shown why? pls somebody help


How can I set the admob ads details in Enhance ? I have already a admob account. Please answer me for xamarin C# project

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