Admob Interstitial doesn't work now


Well , i think you need to wait and see.


Ok, i wait and i tell you what what happened in a few days.


My ads are also not showing, i will check your tips


i have done all that but my ads are still not showing


use admob extension this will work but this extension costs a few dollar


Whats is the difference between the admob extension and admob on thunkable ?


in thunkable admob you have to give them 5 % or your earning with that component you dont give them any %


50$ is not few dollars and no one has proof that it works or my opinion don’t buy.


u can test ur own adunit id in this app


It’s free!


Can I use 2 separate interstitials at the same time?
I enhanced my app and it seems like the first interstitial ad isn’t working but the other one is.


It takes time to load the same ad unit again and do not use to many ad at the same time that could let your admob account to be suspended.


In the extension there is the possibility to rename the ads, so I would say yes, but I have never tried.


why do you want to show 2 ads at the same time. you can only see one ad. If you do this your admob account will be deleted and bbaned forever. They bann your ip your emai your name and your adress
believe one time ban is banned for years,


I’m not trying to show them at the same time.
I have an ad that appears just after opening the app and the other one occurs later in the app.
The only one which is shown is the last one


Thanks for this tips :wink:

There is no risk that google will block your admob account using this method ?


Could you please explain this more?

I have two separate interstitials on two different screens. It seems like Enhance allows me to use only of the ads.
What can I do?


a - Import the extension.
b - Screen1, enter “EnhanceConnector1”
c - Screen2, enter “EnhanceConnector1” (if desired, rename it to ‘EnhanceConnector2’)
d - Process the App with Enhance

Note, however, that Enhance allows you to insert a single advertising ID


Tried that but it seems like it doesn’t work.
Thanks anyways for helping!


you could explain the problem to the Enhance help desk