Admob banner e interstitial

after these long 30 days I still haven’t understood how to really apply the admod components, I’m confused after so many attempts with my app. I wonder how to really apply the admob banners and instertitials? because google play console always refutes it to me saying that Violation of interference with apps, third-party ads or device functionality criteria

And we are still not gifted with psychic power allowing us to see your problem without you at least posting screen captures showing what your app is doing.

my app is so placed with admod blocks

Well, that is an issue right there.
You CANNOT load ad as the first thing an app does.
Putting that in the first screen initialize is 100% sure to have you app denied.

Read this:

"Interstitial ads are full-screen ads that cover the interface of their host app. They’re typically displayed at natural transition points in the flow of an app, such as between activities or during the pause between levels in a game. "

The interstitial should be called when SOMETHING happens, and initializing the app is NOT something considered valid.

can you give me an example with interstitial? are you telling me that there should be an action to make the interstitial appear? for example when a clicked button should appear on the interstitial?

Definition of interstitial

1 : occurring in or being an interval or intervening space or segment : of, relating to, or forming an [interstice] ( an interstitial space

That means something happens – say your app is meant to show what movies are playing in the theater nearby; in which case that first something would be showing “Welcome to the movie scheduler. Please pick a genre of movie you want to watch: action, drama, comedy, children” – with the user selecting the type, which will them prompt the app to come up with a second something: the list of movies titles and show time.
But BETWEEN the first and second something, there could be an interstitial, an ad that is more or less “please watch the following from our sponsor while the app gathers the and prepare the result for display” (even if really gathering the info would be done in a split second).

If you want to see an interstitial in action, check my PolyUnitSMPL app at

Click the currency conversion review function (second button from the top, at right, the one with the currency symbol and globe). Notice how it brings up the advertisement only AFTER you have done something, and only before showing the exchange rate?
Interstitial means between.

No, but you have to help me only in the blocks what to put in order to be visible interstital.

Care to reformat that in a manner that can actually be understood?