Adding a Google Sheet to a page in Thunkable


I’m just wondering if someone can tell/show me the block build to use to display the data from a Google Sheet. I have 365 rows and 5 columns. Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

Take a look at the docs linked here and let me know if anything needs clarification:

Hope that helps!

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Hello. It has helped a bit. Almost there with the spreadsheet data it’s just organising it now. I’m watching and following your vid to make a scoreboard which is helping. Just a question. At 4:40 in the video a txt block is produced which has a kind of ‘V1’ symbol in it. What is it? I think it might be what I’m missing to display things properly. Many thanks

Glad to hear it’s helping.

The character you see is \n which is the new line escape character. Basically it puts each new item on a new line.

Legend that’s done the trick. Thank you so much for your help

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hello sir,

kindly enlighten a way forward as cloudstitch is closed for thunkers and our apps are colapsing with errors as connectivities.

our app was using google sheets and to connect with frontend … we were using cloudstitch API and now our program is collapsed api of cloudstitch is not working anymore.

how can we connect our design with google sheet ?
how to create API for google sheets so we can use it in API end point ?

we will really appreciate for your knowledge and help at this critical point …

I would love to know this too!!! I think this would be a great addition on top of firebase and airtable. Sheets just does really cool stuff that airtable doesn’t, like make charts with trendlines for free or email you when a change is made to your table