Add pdf catalogue to app

hey guys,

I just created an app to open pdf product catalogs using mit app inventor. As the size of pdf is quite large so I thought to do this process in 3 steps

First when the button clicked the app to search for the pdf into sd card or memory card if the file exists then it opens that pdf using activity started otherwise activity starter start to download the catalog to a specific location into sd card or mobile memory.

Secondly - If download has already been done once then there is no need to download catalog again

Third - If app updated then pdf remain secured into sd and new version can also access it again

app link-

It’s a very long way to go which can irritate users, is there any simple way of doing this process like we user first initiate app all download start in background no matter he closes the app.

I just want that user shouldn’t wait to download for the file.

If downloading the file is what takes time, then it will be a long process no matter how you do it.
If you are pre-downloading the files at start-up, then it will be very long at start-up, instead of taking time multiple times.
And that is depending on the size of the files and the speed of the communication.
How often are the pdf supposed to be updated? You may have the app keep a time stamp of when the file was last downloaded, and have it refresh only if the file is older than a certain age.

By the way, did you post a review of your own app, giving yourself a 5 star evaluation? I have a hunch that it may violate Google’s policy “Don’t post fake reviews intended to boost or lower ratings.”
By this, I mean that you cannot be perfectly objective in your evaluation.

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