Add item to the top on the list, how? (solved)



When I add items to a list and show them on a listview, the last item is placed at the bottom of the list. Can I somehow set that the last item is shown on the top of the list?


Can you show a picture of your used blocks?




Use this block:

Set index to “1” this should put it at the top.


Thanks @Conor I can now add the last item to the top of the list by using the blocks shown below.

How to append list items to top of list?

how to add multiple item in the list and show?
i am trying but failed.


You can append a list to another list, you can use each block , there are a lot of solution but we need more information


i want to make history.where users write something in textbox then the text automatically added the list.
i trying but only the last text have found and before text replace .


save while he is writing or after an event (like button click). the first need a clock always fired and with a little time interval, the second is more easy. But where and what you you want to store? The first question is what kind of database you want to use? if you want somthing like a chat you can take a look to this Tutorial about mini chat with firebase


using tinyDb for storing text input and make a list. All text input add to the list and show where i need.
make a history for users activities.


ok. all text. but when?while text or after a click


tinyDb is local and simple, i think that if user delete app or cache lose also all data. anyway if you want to store like a list you have to get data stored and add a new item in the list, if you want to store like a big text you have to get data stored and use text block or extension to replace text as you like. It could be a good idea to store data as csv or simile.

If you share some block or pic maybe i can find other solution better for your project


here get only a single list.but i need all data list.


If you stored right you have to see all data. Everytime you have to call data stored and append item to list, then stored in tinydb. If you set 2 box is more easy. One for input text and one for history. I think you want to click on item too