Add an AutoCompleteBox to your TextBox - AutoCompleteBox by ColinTree

AutoComplete, make your TextBox more clever!

  • Update on 2018.1.4 (version 2):
    • Added Event: AfterSelect




AutoCompleteTextboxBoxTest.apk (2.3 MB)


Notice that:

  • one AutoCompleteBox can handle many TextBox
  • not extra arrangement is required

I’m going to ask you to join this thread with the other and you continue with the support of the extension you agree ???

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very good extension!thank you colintree,you are best!

Hola a Todos

por favor me ayudan a probar esta extensión que no se como se puedan ver en otros dispositivos.



this is great…just wonderful!!
now i have to go to sleep, but tomorrow i’ll try it!!! thanks, this deserve a donation

i wanna ask why the horizontalArrangement is required.

had you try to add this into container.getView() or container.$form().getView() ?

to be able to define in the design panel the place where the widget will be

what you mean… u can write in your language and i will translate it with tools :joy:

puedo definir la posición en el panel de diseño , de otra manera tendría que poner x y valores para definir su posición dentro de la actividad. fue uno de los primeros problemas que resolvimos cuando espesamos a crear extensiones visuales

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ahh, i though that you are adding a auto-completer to a existing textbox.
now i got that you are adding a whole new textbox with auto-complete

so that is quite necessary :joy:

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tienes una imagen de lo que estas diciendo

there is a better way, in your opinion?

hi,Andres,i find a bug,must input two words then work.if input one word not work.

Send the block please

just use your example aia,i input c not work,input ca then display.

and i have two suggestion:
1.add a singleline option,now is Multiline input.or change to singleline input.
2.add a method to get input text.

lo que quiero ver es como se ve en la pantalla screencapture en versiones anteriores a 5

if a box can be added through textbex.getView that may be better

i’m very interested in this extension, so help andres or make one by your own :smiley: :smiley:

Support @ColinTree to develop a new extension to solve these problems:grin: