Ad Placement Issue


I want to add Interstitial Ads on my APP.So,My plan - People will see Interstitial after they press back button.Wondering if it is allowed in Admob.

Actually,it’s an article app and I don’t want to show ads before they read the articles.

In another app,I have placed ads like this way - Is it allowed?


Do not push your topic just because you didn’t get an answer yet! Instead try creating better headlines and questions to improve your chances of receiving answers!

Also I guess that this should not violate admob terms but you will have to check this yourself by reading admob terms or ask their suppirt because why should we know more than you - we can also just search for the admob terms… Therefor DIY.


Don’t you think my title is good enough.Reality is,there are less contributor members there.
I have checked terms before.:face_with_raised_eyebrow: