Activity Starter problem in February 2019 opening pdf-s and docs




It seems that Activity Starter doesn’t operating properly now. In my earlier aia-s I used Activity Starter in diverse activities (open pdf, open docs, starting e-mail, starting Google Maps, starting phone, etc…)
Now it doesn’t work to open pdf or docs in test mode and in apk too. It doesn’t work in my earlier aia-s, apk-s (where its worked in January of 2019)
Is it a Thunkable Live problem?
Thanks: Paul


according to this thread

this was fixed in October 2018…

you might want to post in that thread and add a screenshot of your relevant blocks…


Hello Taifun!
Thanks for your quick answer. I uploaded a png of a test-application, and a screenshot of its live test. The result is the same in all my applications and in all my APK-s, which uses Activity Starter to open pdf-s or docs.
I know that the problem of Activity Starter was fixed in October 2018. I published an APK update (which uses AS to open pdf-s and docs) on Google Play in December 2018, but now I wanted to publish an update of my APK, but I couldn’t because of the error. I think that the Activity Starter is wrong now again.
For live testing and bulding APK-s I use Thunkable Classic Live for Android. (Now I tested test application above in MIT App Inventor 2, and Activity Starter is operating properly in AI2, during testing and built APK too…)
Best regards: Paul


@informatika.niai Thanks for your feedback.
We released a fix yesterday that should have resolved this issue. Can you let us know if it is fixed?


Latest Classic Release 2019-02-15

Hi Arun!
It’s operating now, thanks!

Best regards: Paul