About tinydb component in thunkable


I want to know a simple thing about tinydb component hope for the best answers
Can i get the value stored in screen1 using tintdb in screen2 directly using another tinydb component in screen2?
Screen2 block(ie. when user picked email i store it to tinydb)

Screen1 block when tinydb get value then dont open email pick page

but in my case its not working what mistake have i done?


As I know, 2 screen = 2 app

I prefer you have only 1 screen , then use multiple layout in 1 screen as log in page , main page, menu page ,setting page, etc…
Hide them all, and show only a layout you want to, for ex, user log in status page, after checking status that user has log in, then hide login page and show menu page.


it would be too complicated because i have too much blocks in each page and when i shift all page at one screen then it would be very difficult for arranging the blocks


@Sabin_thunker Use “is list empty” block instead of “is empty” block.


Having separate screens keeps the app clean and easy to manage. If an app needs more than about 3 screens, using virtual screens with layouts is counterproductive.


one of my app has only 1 screen with 5 layout pages and work very well, what if I have 5 separated screen and have to exchange data between these screen. for me , it’s not quite practical.

Please read this.


yes its gud but in my case it is not possible because when i combine 5 pages then editing my blocks would be very messy and its a source for headache


well, from your block,
Screen 1
If is empty Call Tiny_DB1.Get Tags

try change to… Call Tiny_DB1.Get Value (tag - user) instead.


its already solved by @Kanishka_Developer method