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Please post any questions you may have on inventing your android app with Thunkable Classic. Please tag your post with as much specific information as possible e.g. device type, components used, screenshots, etc so that we can help each other out!

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hi every one , thanks for your system to create our apps easier. I have a question about my apps , that I’m working on. the question is : is it possilbe to use a component in the apps juste only with signal like nfc or others.?


Hello There,

I want to create a simple app with a slide button function. I am new to thunkable so not much aware about its functionality. So I am talking about my app concept Where I need one Horizontle scroll layout and two buttons at the bottom in Horizontle arrangment layout. This app contains bulk of images and when I press one of the button at the bottom image moves right to left and the left to right when I press the other button.

So is there any way to create this app in thunkable as far I know and check I am unable to get the way of it.

Please help me out. If it is possible without any extention add on.



In addition to this I also want to image sharing and save image button too.


How put other people youtube video link in my app?and what is that option in thunkable?


Just starting out and made an app in classic. Classic seemed to offer the components I needed and just happened to be where I started learning. If I submit it to google, and then classic perhaps is no longer supported at some point, does this mean I could no longer provide updates to the app?


how do you post a new question? i don’t see any buttons for it anywhere. thanks!


My app runs well on Android 8.1 but when tried on an older Samsung phone running Android 5 it crashes the moment a button is clicked. Need help. Thanks.


hello i have just made an app using thunkable classic and my ads are not showing in live or apk mode can anyone help me