A word of advice for thunkable team

I request the team at thunkable to brief the users with a clear course of action as it is very frustrating to read all these comments that are making things unclear for everyone in the community.
i would like to mention these points that i believe need to addressed to clear the confusion for majority of the users…

  1. If thunkable team wants all of its classic users to switch to X platform they should first make sure that the projects already made by the users on classic platform are easily exportable to the X platform which is not the case currently.

( as a user i just want to build my apps i don’t mind paying the PRO subscription amount but atleast make sure that my classic projects can run on X platform as well and i can transfer them to the X platform)

2.In the mean while (till the X platform is upgraded to accept the classic projects) thunkable team should atleast make sure that they provide full support for both the platforms i.e. X and classic without giving preference to only one of the two.

(classic still dosen’t supports API28 the API26 is also not working as it was previously this is causing bad development experience for the users. What should we do with the apps that do not compile on both the API’s now??)

Lack of response from thunkable team just adds to the confusion for the users in the community.

I believe that most of the users might not have any problem if the thunkable team wishes to withdraw support for classic and move all their user base to X only if the users can transfer their existing classic projects.

So, a word of advice for the thunkable team would be to please set a clear course of action for yourselves and the users and end all this confusion for us because its causing much frustration to not get any clarity or confirmation from the team on the important issues (such as the API28 update ).

Having this lack of clarity just takes away from the experience of using the thunkable platform for developing the apps.

I am sure a majority of users will agree with what i have to say