A little help fixing a bug



Hello guys !
Im super new in this. I’m making my first application and I have 2 screens. One that is explaining the instructions, how to use the app. And the other one that’s the functionality itself.

So, this is how i managed to change from one Screen to another:

I tried to replicate what i saw on this post: How to change screen order

The “call Screen1.HideKeyboard” is just the way i got it to work, but i’m pretty sure that’s what’s giving me a bug.

When i use the app ( downloaded into my device), it works great! Clicking in one button takes me to the screen I want, and so does the other. But doing it again shows me an error message from my phone, similar to when its about to crash an app, but nothing happens, I close the error and it did changed to the other screen. But it always shows me the message after repeating the process again.

Help into cleaning the code so this doesn’t happen ?
Would really appreciate it !



Is still a great way to use. I saw that it is mentionend in the topic you linked to.


The recommended method of switching screens in App Inventor
see also there why using the open another screen block together with Screen1 is not recommended